Countries Who Lead In Solar Usage

Solar energy is a factor that most of us do not take seriously. But that does not rob it of its importance even a little. At the rate we are using up our non renewable resources and fossil fuels, very soon sunlight is going to become the only viable option for energy. This is a well researched statement that is backed by countries all over the world. Keeping this very fact in mind, a number of economies are trying to shift their energy consumption pattern to become more dependent on renewable energy sources. This has given rise to a race for assuming the global leadership role in green energy.

With the help of this article we are trying to focus our attention on the use of and dependence on solar panels. At the top of this list stands China, followed by Japan, Germany, USA and Italy. Don’t believe us? Look at companies like San Diego Solar firms. They are doing it right at this moment.

Though there are certain factors that propel China to this position, viewing from a point of percentage dependence of overall population on the sunlight, either Germany or Italy could have been the world leader at this stage. China has the largest number when it comes to production, but Germany and Italy are the leaders when it comes to contributing in its total yearly dependence on green resources.

The factors at play:

It is not only about the technology being made available to the people but also the willingness to switch over that count when it comes to it. Progressive countries have made use of the forward thinking approach of its people to make its population totally dependent on sunlight for their energy needs. And with every passing year they are doing even more so. There is a reason as to why countries like Germany are emerging as strong players on a world scale. They take it upon themselves to affect the change in their fellow countrymen.

Countries who are focusing on this shift towards green energy are the ones who will become the leaders of tomorrow. The amount of emphasis that is being placed on such technologies today is due to the fact that we still have the time to affect a change in the society. Making someone switch over when they don’t even have the option will be a forced and sudden change. And not many would be able to adapt to this changed scenario of energy consumption. Every day we get to see that doomsday predictions are coming true.

On a global level:

The leaders will have to lend a helping hand to those that cannot help them. There is no other option to propagate the use of eco friendly techniques than by putting up examples. If you are reading this article and are dependent on conventional sources for your energy needs, think about where you see yourself in a couple of decades from now. If we continue down the path that we are presently on, there will be nowhere left to go for us pretty soon.

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Should I Get A Free Solar Panel?

Solar energy is the way to go when it comes to planning for the future. One needs to know that the resources that we have presently will not last us forever. If anything, they will probably last for another few centuries. And then we would be back to building our economy the way it used to be, hand crafted and stone built. To avoid this doomsday prediction many companies are trying to focus their attention on the practicality and use of solar energy.

There are a multiple number of factors that work to its benefit. The biggest of which is its free and abundant availability. Sunlight is freely available to all those who get it. There is no extra charge associated with the service. This makes it the most feasible form of energy that we can adopt for our use. There are also other forms of renewable energy but they are nowhere as practical to use as the sun. Water and wind are not available to as many people as sunlight.

should i get a solar panel

Photovoltaic cells:

They are what make sunlight so precious. With the help of these cells we can harness and store the power of the sun for our use. Being linked together, they make huge panels that are then installed and put up on rooftops to get the maximum exposure to the sun. Many corporations and individuals are making the switch in favor of a more sustainable pattern of energy consumption. If you are one of those individuals who have been reached out to as a part of the government initiative to increase the use of solar energy, make sure that you get your free solar panel. Not only would you be making a free of the cost investment but also shaving off a considerable part of your future electricity bill.

Solar panels have been criticized on the grounds that they are overtly expensive and do not sustain long enough to pay back the investment. But they are all a part of history now. The newer models are made stronger and built to last for a considerable period of time. Even if you manage to break or damage them, just call your panel manufacturer and they will send over someone as soon as possible.

With time, man must learn to adapt to their unique needs and make way for the future. If we persist to force our will on the nature that nourishes us, pretty soon all of us would end up having nothing to show for it.

The future that awaits us:

Our future is a stark one. No matter how judiciously we decide to use our resources, they will run out in a matter of time. What we have to focus o is not our unavoidable eventuality where there is nothing left to survive on but the measures that we can take to prepare ourselves against it.

Solar panels are a part of an even bigger initiative to make the whole world independent on non renewable sources of energy.

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Laws Regarding Solar Panels in USA

Earth has given us an abundance of gifts in form of natural energy sources. Some can be replenished while some cannot be replenished naturally. The ones that cannot be renewed are fossil fuels, nuclear energy and natural gas. Whereas, the renewable energy sources are sunlight, air and water. These energy sources are natural and are replenished naturally. With the advancement in engineering sciences devices have been developed to convert the energy received from these sources into usable and potential energy. One such example is sunlight and laws regarding solar panels in USA have been a breakthrough in this regard.

Solar energy

Solar energy is the light energy from sun converted into electrical energy via using photovoltaic cells. The cells are clubbed together to form panels comprising of many cells known as solar panels. These panels are cheap and can be installed easily into our homes and industries. Solar panels are a boon for areas that receive maximum sunlight throughout the year. The efficiency of solar panels can be gauged from the fact that industries are running on solar panels. Solar panels are being used for various purposes such as: water heating, cooking, water treatment plants, street lights, production of electricity and so on.

Solar panels

The solar panels have been accepted as the alternative energy conservation devices. The governments of various countries have developed laws for their commercialization. This ensures that there is no exploitation and the energy is accessible to all equally, especially the poor strata that are in dire need of solar energy. USA is one such country that has brought laws regarding the use and distribution of solar energy and solar panels. There has been a lot of debate over laws regarding solar panels in USA. The laws are different for different states but here a few we can have a look at:

  • The state of Nevada has a law that states that compared to earlier situations when people paid their bills at retail prices instead of wholesale prices the new solar energy consumers will have to pay at wholesale prices and will be re-paid in case their usage goes beyond 92%. The law also mentions that the owners who install the meters will be protected under net metering clause for almost 18-20 years
  • In San Francisco it is compulsory for newly constructed buildings to install solar panels on their roofs. Also, the construction companies are to define 15-17% of the roof as solar panel area
  • Laws regarding solar panels in USA also states that the federal power commission will supervise extensive and regional electricity transactions and installation of solar panels and will be the main decision maker for federal dialogue over solar energy
  • The laws also govern the purchase and distribution of utilities that are bought for solar panels supervising their pricing.

The laws regarding solar panels in USA are stringent in nature and transparent simultaneously. They are consumer centric and reforms made are beneficial for its citizens.


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Cost Of Installing Solar Panels At Home

Getting a solar panel installed that too at your house is considered to be a really big task. People undertake proper planning so as to get information regarding how much will the complete process will cost them. And for this purpose they visit a lot of shops as well as check on online websites so to know about solar panels, there uses and significance, cost of the device and how to get it installed at home.

Cost of installing solar panels at home requires an individual to first undertake the calculation of how much electricity gets consumed on a daily basis and at what rate in their house. Depending upon these calculation, which can be performed easily if you use the method of thumb rule, a person can come to know about the amount of electricity consumption at their place and accordingly they can select the suitable device to get installed.

cost of installing solar panels at home

Factors affecting consumtion of electricity at home :-

To calculate the real Cost of installing solar panels at home there are some basic factors which needs proper consideration and these are :-

  • Some of the items which comes under the category of non-standard like most of the electrical equipments can effect the energy consumption.
  • Gadets like computers, T.V.’s, etc. adds to the overall usage of electricity.
  • Using air conditioners at homes also increases the voltage usage.

What to consider while purchasing a solar panel?

Generalll there is the need to get a PV system installed when talking about household purpose. A solar panel alone won’t be able to provide you all the benefits the customer is looking for. The four basic components that can be found in all the PV systems are :-

  • A perfectly functioning solar panel which undertakes the work of converting solar energy into electric energy.
  • Suitable controller that can safeguard the batteries by maintaing the voltage flow.
  • Efficient inverter to store the energy in the battery.

Price of the solar panels in the market :-

Back in the days solar panels designed for household used to cost a lot but in today’s time due to the increase in demand for such devices there price have reduced gradually. It is expected that the price of solar panels will drop more because there are many manufacturers who have started to develop and introduce new and better technologically advanced device.

You can find complete detail information about the whole procedure and installation process along with the fees charged by different service providers. Some of the manufacturers provide payback guarantee to the customers. With that they also offer the facility to get the device exchanged in case the solar panels are not working properly.

Using solar panels are a great way of saving a lot of money which we normally pay by means of the electricity bills. Also if you are concerned about maintaing a healthy environmental condition then solar panels are a good option for you.

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