Laws Regarding Solar Panels in USA


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Earth has given us an abundance of gifts in form of natural energy sources. Some can be replenished while some cannot be replenished naturally. The ones that cannot be renewed are fossil fuels, nuclear energy and natural gas. Whereas, the renewable energy sources are sunlight, air and water. These energy sources are natural and are replenished naturally. With the advancement in engineering sciences devices have been developed to convert the energy received from these sources into usable and potential energy. One such example is sunlight and laws regarding solar panels in USA have been a breakthrough in this regard.

Solar energy

Solar energy is the light energy from sun converted into electrical energy via using photovoltaic cells. The cells are clubbed together to form panels comprising of many cells known as solar panels. These panels are cheap and can be installed easily into our homes and industries. Solar panels are a boon for areas that receive maximum sunlight throughout the year. The efficiency of solar panels can be gauged from the fact that industries are running on solar panels. Solar panels are being used for various purposes such as: water heating, cooking, water treatment plants, street lights, production of electricity and so on.

Solar panels

The solar panels have been accepted as the alternative energy conservation devices. The governments of various countries have developed laws for their commercialization. This ensures that there is no exploitation and the energy is accessible to all equally, especially the poor strata that are in dire need of solar energy. USA is one such country that has brought laws regarding the use and distribution of solar energy and solar panels. There has been a lot of debate over laws regarding solar panels in USA. The laws are different for different states but here a few we can have a look at:

  • The state of Nevada has a law that states that compared to earlier situations when people paid their bills at retail prices instead of wholesale prices the new solar energy consumers will have to pay at wholesale prices and will be re-paid in case their usage goes beyond 92%. The law also mentions that the owners who install the meters will be protected under net metering clause for almost 18-20 years
  • In San Francisco it is compulsory for newly constructed buildings to install solar panels on their roofs. Also, the construction companies are to define 15-17% of the roof as solar panel area
  • Laws regarding solar panels in USA also states that the federal power commission will supervise extensive and regional electricity transactions and installation of solar panels and will be the main decision maker for federal dialogue over solar energy
  • The laws also govern the purchase and distribution of utilities that are bought for solar panels supervising their pricing.

The laws regarding solar panels in USA are stringent in nature and transparent simultaneously. They are consumer centric and reforms made are beneficial for its citizens.


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